Aug 26th 2020

0600-1600 UK time
1500-0100 Syd/Melb time

DFTB: Live + Connected

connect, learn, experience


DFTB: Live + Connected Come + feel the DFTB magic

Our virtual event will give you a different kind of magic.

Musical interludes

“Chat roulette” style 1:1 networking

Roundtable conversations

A global audience – meet participants from Australia to the UK

The same phenomenal content; including Rob Delaney sharing his experience as a parent

We can’t wait to bring the DFTB community together online

Be connected

This is your chance to meet and engage with the global DFTB community. We will have roundtable discussions, random networking, and a coffee room where you can drop by and chat.

Be challenged

As always, we bring you the best speakers. Listen to Rob Delaney share his experience. Hear about the latest research from our Bubble Wrap panel. Learn about facing new communication challenges with Liz Stokoe. Watch talks you won't see anywhere else.

Be entertained

We have some awesome entertained ready for you. Hear paediatric musical parody group Coldspray on their debut performance. Watch Suman Biswas perform his legendary songs. See ED Musos next special performance. And there might even be a surprise from the DFTB community.

Join the DFTB community

Awesome Speakers

We have put together a programme of fabulous speakers who are all have something special to share

New Connections

We might all be social-distancing but catch up with your community online and connect

Have Fun

We can't give you actual ice cream this year, but join us for our unique DFTB entertainment

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Expert Speakers
Hours Of Content

Meet our DFTB Speakers

Rob Delaney

Comedian + Father

Ronx Ikharia

Emergency Doctor + TV Presenter

Nicole Taylor

Writer of Three Girls, BAFTA Winner

Benjamin Wachira

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Komal Bajaj

Translational Simulationista

Franz Babl

PEM Physician

Nate Kuppermann

PEM Physician + Clinical Epidemiologist

Gaj Panagoda

Rehabilitation Physician

Omowunmi Akindolie

Consultant in Ambulatory Paediatrics

Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social Interaction

Liz Crowe

Advanced Clinician Paediatric Social Worker

Mary Freer

Compassion Revolutionary

Ross Fisher

Paediatric Surgeon

Kath Evans

Director of Children's Nursing

Sarah McNab


Brad Sobolewski

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Emma Tavender

Knowledge Translation Co-ordinator

Jane Munro

Paediatric Rheumatologist

Simon Craig

PEM Physician

Alyssa Courtney

Paediatric Trainee

Damian Roland

PEM Physician

Alison Boast

Paediatric Trainee

Dani Hall

PEM Physician

Becky Platt

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Tom Waterfield

Lecturer in PEM

Henry Goldstein

Advanced Trainee


We can't be physically next to each other

Let’s do it virtually instead

WHAT's ON? See Our Programme

We have 10 hours of content, spanning time zones. But don't worry, it'll all be recorded in case you miss any of it.

0600-0720 UK / 1500-1620 Syd / 0100-0220 NY


Launch sequence: where are we heading?
Tessa Davis


Alternate realities: fixing a broken system to care for kids
Brad Sobolewski


Life inside the Covid chyrsalis: when evidence re-shapes our world
Damian Roland


Make it so: new research challenges
Sarah McNab


Brad Sobolewski


Damian Roland


Sarah McNab

20 mins

Grab a cup of tea (+ a special performance from DFTB)/Corridor Consult

Option to join our small room discussion or simply enjoy your tea break.


In your imagined future, what’s the best part of acute paediatric care?

0740-0900 UK / 1640-1800 Syd / 0240-0400 NY

Networked - we're all connected now

Getting Venn: life on the edge
Jane Munro interviewing Ronx Ikharia


Scouring the lid of Pandora's box: the writing of Three Girls
Liz Crowe interviewing Nicole Taylor


The salt of the earth - granular ambulatory paediatrics
Mo Akindolie


Ronx Ikharia


Jane Munro


Nicole Taylor


Liz Crowe


Omowunmi Akindolie

40 mins

Big break (+ a special performance from Coldspray)/Corridor Consult

Option to join our small room discussion or simply enjoy your tea break.


Which network you’ve been part of has challenged you to improve? How?

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